DDoS Protection

The phrase DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) assault refers to the overloading of a server or service, which is the attack’s purpose, by sending a large number of – sometimes worthless – requests, so that the server or service is no longer able to fulfil its regular obligations. The server or service has been “blown away,” and it is no longer accessible via the Internet for the duration of the attack.

Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly widespread on the Internet. Servers of Linkbit customers are increasingly becoming the target of such assaults. Without adequate DDoS security, servers under assault would be unavailable on the Internet for an extended period of time.

Linkbit has developed in-house DDoS protection to safeguard our customers as much as possible from such assaults and the resulting availability issues. This DDoS protection is provided at no cost to all of our clients and is enabled automatically for all servers and webspace packages.

DDoS Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing. Our DDoS protection is provided at no cost to all Linkbit customers and is automatically activated for all servers and webspace packets in the Linkbit data centres. Both existing and new clients have nothing to do; your uplink will be automatically and permanently protected by our DDoS protection.

The Linkbit DDoS protection is a security solution that automatically recognises most DDoS attack patterns and filters incoming server traffic so that "malicious" assaulting traffic is dropped and only "real" wanted traffic arrives at your server. As a result, as a Linkbit customer, you will be oblivious to a potential attack while our DDoS defence filters the ongoing attack for you.

The Linkbit DDoS defence was designed in such a way that it recognises and filters 99% of all attack patterns. In all of these circumstances, our goal is to keep your server online and accessible via the Internet, even if it is under assault.

The Linkbit DDoS protection, like any other DDoS protection utilised or sold on the Internet, has limitations. Despite the fact that our defence recognises and filters 99% of all attack patterns, some DDoS attacks cannot be mitigated due to their pattern or sheer number. The likelihood of your server being harmed by attacks that our DDoS protection cannot detect is extremely minimal.

We are also always working to improve our protection system so that even attacks that we cannot prevent today will be recognised and filtered in the near future.

Nonetheless, we ask for your understanding that the Linkbit DDoS protection, like any other DDoS protection, does not promise that your server system will be protected from every theoretically feasible DDoS attack.